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Using Dj knowledge, skills and experience whilst engaging closely with you and guests  Dj Prestige aims to create a fun environment on the dance-floor so you and your guests have the party of your lives.


Checkout the below Audio and Video Sets that Showcase the style of Djing and song selections used for each genre.

Party Demo

created 2018

Party image.jpg
PARTY Demo - DJ Prestige
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Chart Showcase


Party Showcase

2010 - 2020


Noughties 1 Hour

2000 - 2010


Nineties Pop Showcase


Seventies Showcase Video

70s Showcase Dj Set.

70s Showcase Dj Set.

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Eighties Experience
Lynford Hall Set


Sixties Love Tracks

Imperial Hotel

love songs of the 60s.jpg

Valentine Happy Soul Set

soul love.jpg

First Dance and Ceremony Set ideas:-

First Dance ideas

Ceremony Song ideas

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