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Wedding Breakfast Set


Often during Wedding breakfasts the venue put on a CD that you may or may not like and is then replayed 4-5 times.


DJ Prestige can create a pre-mixed set full of music you and guests want. ‘That special song that was always played when you was on your first holiday’. A close friends First Dance from their Weddin so they feel even more a part of your day. The track you friends always use play on the jukebox.


It’s the perfect opportunity to ensure all favourites are played across the day not being limited by tracks to get people dancing.


Sentimental bespoke playlist


You get to hear the pre-mixed set in good time before your big day and improve and change as many times as you wish so you know exactly how long and what you will have ready. You even get to keep the set as a present to allow you to listen back and dip into the memories of your Wedding whenever you wish.

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